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1 AeroPrakt America A22 LS lightsport aircraft
2 Apollo LSA's IBIS Magic light sport aircraft

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3 Pipistrel SINUS experimental lightsport aircraft motor glider 
4 Windsocks made in America by Windsok Manufacturing
5 Fisher Flying Products all wood plans built ultralight and experimental aircraft
6 Dave Piper 2011 Light Sport and Ultralight Chairman
7 LAMA, Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association
8 Falcon Renegade lightsport aircraft powered by Lycoming 233
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10 Falcon LS by Renegade Light Sport Aircraft
11 Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association
12 Tornado hits 2011 EAA Sun N Fun Convention
13 Phoenix motor glider, Phoenix light sport aircraft
14 Paradise P1 light sport aircraft from Flightline Aviation

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15 Allegro 2007 light sport aircraft from Allegro LSA
16 Mt. Vernon Light Sport aircraft show, Midwest LSA Show
17 Kolb Aircraft, Kolb Firestar, Kolb Mark III, Kolb FireFly
18 NYNJA experimental amateur built aircraft
19 Phoenix motor glider, Phoenix light sport aircraft
20 The Pilots Cross - Personalized Aviation Jewellery
21  Alto 100 lightsport aircraft
22 Viper SD 4 light sport aircraft
23 Aviation Insurance Broker  
24 Spidertracks flight tracking  
25 AVMAP - Aviation Weather and Real Time Aviation Traffic  
26 Comet FK12 light sport aircraft biplane  
27 Alto 100 lightsport aircraft  
28 Criquet Storch lightsport, experimental amateur built light sport aircraft  
29 Virus lightsport aircraft motor glider  
30 American Patriot light sport aircraft  
31 Bushwhacker experimental amateur built aircraft  
32 e Spyder Flightstar electric powered part 103 legal ultralight aircraft  
33 Zenith Aircraft's CH750 experimental amateur built lightsport aircraft  
34 Lightning light sport aircraft, experimental lightsport aircraft by Arion Aircraft  
35 Gobosh 800 lightsport aircraft  
36 Jabiru 3300, 120 HP direct drive aircraft engine, RANS S19  
37 Flying Breezer Lightsport Aircraft to the Bahamas  
38 Cheetah lightsport aircraft, X-Air LSA  
39 Ekolot Topaz KR-030 light sport aircraft  
40 Four low wing, all metal light sport aircraft
41 Five high wing all composite light sport aircraft
42 RANS S19 Venterra light sport aircraft
43 Quicksilver ultralight and experimental light sport aircraft
44 KitFox lightsport experimental aircraft
45 TL 3000 Sirius lightsport aircraft
46 Sopwith Camel WW 1 replica by Airdrome Aeroplanes
47 Lightsport Navigator 600, Rainbow Sport Aviation
48 Paradise P1 lightsport aircraft
49 Evektor SportStar Max light sport Aircraft
50 M Squared part 103 ultralight experimental amateurbuilt aircraft  
51 Powrachute powered parachutes  
52 Mosquito ultralight helicopter  
53 Paradise Aircraft designs hand control aircraft for paraplegic pilots  
54 PiperSport light sport aircraft  
55 Tecnam P 2008 lightsport aircraft  
56 Indus Aviation Thorpedo T211 lightsport aircraft  
57 Light Sport Group HD video camera for in cabin filming  
58 Infinity Powered Parachutes  
59 CGS Hawk lightsport aircraft, experimental amateur built ELSA aircraft  
60 Tecnam Bravo lightsport aircraft  
61 Skykits Savannah lightsport experimental light sport aircraft  
62 Magni Gyro experimental aircraft gyrocopter  
63 OPUS Super II lightsport aircraft  
64 MySky tandem experimental aircraft  
65 Quasar Lite experimental aircraft  
66 Belite part 103 legal ultralights in tail dragger & trike  
67 Cessna 162 SkyCatcher  
68 Light Sport Aircraft tour of the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo  
69 Flight Design's CTLS lightsport aircraft  
70 RANS S7 Courier light sport aircraft  
71 Jabiru J 170 Lightsport aircraft  
72 Just Aircraft Highlander  
73 American Legend Cub light sport aircraft  
74 CubCrafters Sport Cub light sport aircraft  
75 Aerotrek 220 - 240 lightsport aircraft  
76 Tecnam P92 Eaglet all metal high wing light sport aircraft  
77 Vampire light sport aircraft from Sadler Aircraft  
78 Gobosh 800 XP lightsport aircraft  
79 Gobosh 800 XP lightsport aircraft  
80 M Squared Breeze II light sport aircraft  
81 FA 04 Peregrine light sport aircraft Hansen Air Group  
82 Cheetah experimental light sport aircraft  
83 Century light sport aircraft by Air Elite Aviation  
84 Gobosh 700 light sport aircraft  
85 Apollo Fox light sport aircraft  
86 Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker DVII replica fighter  
87 Airdrome Aeroplanes builds 4 planes in 52 days for SkyBoys movie  
88 Bleriot XI replica to duplicate crossing English Channel  
89 Airdrome Aeroplanes Bleriot XI experimental aircraft kit  
90 Rotax two stroke engine repair courses  
91 X Air H light sport aircraft  
92 Sting S3 light sport aircraft  
93 SeaRey LSX amphibious light sport aircraft  
94 SeaMax amphibious light sport aircraft  
95 Remos GX lightsport aircraft  
96 Cheetah lightsport aircraft and  X-Air  light sport aircraft  
97 Dynamic light sport aircraft  
98 RANS S6 LS light sport aircraft  
99 M Squared part 103 ultralight  

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